Best Make Up Tips


If you’re going to sit for a photographic portrait or a headshot, you certainly want to be sure you’re looking your best. Pick out what you’re going to wear in advance, make sure your hair is at its best – which counter intuitively means not going to the hairdresser the day before – and take particular care over your make up. This important as too much, too little or badly applied makeup can spoil the result.


Tips for perfect makeup application

If you’re unsure about applying makeup for your photo shoot, give yourself a few trial runs before the day. Follow the tips below, give yourself plenty of time and get feedback from friends and family on your try outs.


  • Prepare your skin in advance – exfoliate and moisturise well the day before your shoot. On the day, use just a light moisturiser or foundation base so your skin is ready for the application of makeup.
  • A beauty editor secret is to put blusher on your cheeks before you apply foundation – this way the rosy blush will look more natural.
  • Avoid putting foundation or concealer on your eyelids and use it with care beneath your eyes, as it can make wrinkles appear worse than they are.
  • For better, more even coverage, apply your foundation with a brush or makeup sponge.
  • For lighter coverage mix foundation with a little light moisturiser.
  • Apply powder to your T-zone – your forehead, nose and chin – to prevent shine that could be picked up by the bright studio lights or camera flash.
  • If you are particularly pale, bronzer can be flattering – but apply it with care. You don’t want the end result to look like you’ve been ‘tangoed’!
  • Add luminosity to your skin by mixing a pale, pearly eye shadow with your foundation.
  • If you don’t have any blusher to hand, experiment with a little dash of lipstick rubbed into your cheeks.
  • Apply blusher to the apple of your cheeks – smiling first will make them more prominent and make it easier to see where to apply it.
  • Use flesh coloured eye shadow as a base to even out your eyelids before you start building up layers of colour and shimmer.
  • Have your eyebrows professionally shaped – the difference it can make to your face is extraordinary. It can literally take years off your age.
  • When applying mascara, zigzag the brush from side to side to deposit more mascara onto each lash.
  • Using white eye-liner on your lower lids will make your eyes appear larger and brighter.
  • To intensify the colour of your eye shadow, press it against your eyelids with a fingertip rather than using a brush or applicator.
  • To stop lipstick bleeding, use a lip pencil. But match it to the colour of your lips, not your lipstick – otherwise when the lipstick wears off you’ll be left with a lip pencil frame around your mouth.
  • Don’t use an eye shadow with a reddish tinge or you could look like you’ve been crying.


Most importantly of all, remember less is more – excess makeup simply doesn’t look good so go for a more natural style that will enhance what you already have rather than disguising it.

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