Hair Trend In 2015? It’s All About Colour!

pastel hair colour trend 2015

Everybody seems to be busy dyeing their hair in 2015. And this year, it’s not just about covering up the grey or brightening the blond. No chance. In fact, a legion of celebrities are leading the way with the latest trend – cool pastel shades ranging from lavender and blue to pink and purple. We’ve seen Rita Ora, Nicole Richie, Katy Perry, Lily Allen and Sienna Miller all rocking the look.


Dip dye the rainbow

One of the most exciting things about the current trend for colourful hair is that you can embrace it to the max or just dip your ends in the water, so to speak. While some brave souls are venturing out with full heads of purple hair, others are keeping it more conservative by simply adding a pink streak to their fringe or just dip dyeing the ends green or turquoise.

However you choose to do it, having pastel coloured hair is going to be interesting. One of the most popular combinations is glacial blond and baby doll pink, while dark haired girls are getting in on the act with stunning flashes of sapphire blue and emerald green. And if you’re really brave, you can mix and match to make a rainbow effect.


How to get the pastel effect

If you want to save money and go DIY with your hair colour, you can still achieve a stunning pastel look at home. It’s a simple three stage process and, as long as you buy quality products, you should have no problem in recreating pastel perfection.

• The first step in the process is to bleach your hair of its natural colour. This doesn’t mean using the bleach you keep under the sink—go to a reputable supplier of hair products and ask for the best quality bleach they have from a trusted brand. Once you have it, follow the instructions exactly. Apply the bleach to your hair and leave it for the specified time, being careful not let it get in your eyes or anywhere on your face. Then be sure to rinse it away thoroughly.
• The second stage is to tone your hair. This is the process to remove any brassy yellow tones left after bleaching, and it will mean that the result when you actually dye your hair will be much more even. Once again, invest in a good quality product and follow the instructions exactly.
• At last, you’re ready to dye your hair the pastel shade of your choice. Select the colour dye you want and then mix it to the right shade with some sulphate-free conditioner. Apply it your hair in a generous quantity and then wrap it in cling film. Pastel dye takes quite a bit longer than normal hair dye so allow plenty of time for the process. Once the allotted time is up, rinse it out and enjoy your spectacular new head of colourful hair.

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