Make up Trends 2015 – Spring and Summer


Every season brings hot new fashion trends – new colours, new shapes and new styles – and when it comes to makeup, it’s no different. So what are the hot tips for the forthcoming season and how can you incorporate them into your own unique look?


Let’s take a look at some of the most exciting trends that have started to emerge for 2015 – there’s a lot going on and there’s certainly something for everybody.



  • Bold lips is one of the big ones – bright red, deep burgundy and even fiery orange were everywhere on the catwalks, defining one of the season’s key looks. For added interest go for a matt lipstick in a bright hue – it’s a thoroughly modern look.

smoky eyes make up trends 2015

  • Smoky eyes is normally a winter staple but you can use it in spring and summer to add some rock ‘n’ roll drama to your look.


  • Dark purple, plum and burgundy eyeshadows are a hot new trend and work well the smoky eye look above. Insider’s tip? Smudge some maroon lippy on your eyelids for instant effect!
  • Graduate your lip colour. Start dark in the centre of your lips and then let it fade towards the outer corners of your mouth. It allows you to wear bold colour without being overwhelmed by it.
  • Colour-pop your eyes! Add a really bright flash of colour to your eyelids to brighten your face and your mood. Bright blue, lime green, Day-Glo orange and turquoise were all on display on the catwalks to fabulous effect.


  • If you don’t like the grungy smudging of a smoky eye, you can still get in on the act with a more polished version. Using a dense black liquid liner, frame your eyes with a neat, tight black frame. Add a flick at the corners for the Hollywood starlet touch. It looks super sophisticated, especially with exaggerated lashes.


  • Another big trend for the season is brown eye shadow. This offers a much softer alternative to the other eye trends, encompassing shades of coffee, taupe, chocolate and sand. Use it with brown eyeliner and brown mascara for a flashback to the Seventies.


  • Once again, the no-makeup look is back in vogue – but it can be one of the hardest to pull off! Flawless skin preparation and a bare minimum of colour will help your natural beauty to shine through. Use just a little translucent lip gloss on your lips and a barely-there tinted moisturiser.


  • We all love to sport a tan and so what’s not to like about the latest bronzing trend. Sun-kissed skin with beautiful bronze tones will make you look healthy and radiant. But just make sure it’s out of a tube and not from the sun – a real tan is a sign of skin damage and the leading cause of wrinkles.
  • Pale pink lipstick is always popular and it’s right back in fashion this year, lending a sixties or seventies vibe to your look – it works terrifically well with false lashes and a beehive do!

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