Simple Makeup Hacks Every Woman Needs To Know


This week I decided to find out how to make my life a lot easier and my make up sessions more efficient with top 5 simple make-up hacks. What I found is quite amazing and I definitely recommend you to try them all!

Hack 1: How to Preserve Your Mascara?

Mascaras can be quite expensive to replace every month and somehow they don’t really last  as long as you hope they would. As you just buy them they are great and do the job but in a few weeks you notice they are getting too dry and flaky. So, to ensure mascara last longer try add a saline solution / eye drops / eye drops for contact lenses if you are using contacts or just water to a flaky mascara formula to re-wet it and therefore make it last longer. However how do you get saline solution? Well, if your are brave enough you can easily prepare it yourself as it is only a sterilised / boiled water with a bit of salt or get it at a chemist.

Also don’t forget to replace it in a round 3 months as old mascara can collect bacteria and may lead to an eye infection.

Hack 2: How To Keep Under Eye Concealer from Creasing

Don’t you find it annoying when after finishing your make up you notice white concealer lines smudged underneath your eyes as soon as you get to work? Well I did and found that the best way to prevent it from creasing is to set your concealer with a light dusting of face finishing powder so that it does not slide off elsewhere. This should last for the rest of the day.

Hack 3: How To Make Your Eyelashes Look Thicker?

One of the simple ways to make your eyelashes thicker is to apply a little power either with an eye shadow brush or a cotton bud on your eyelashes before you apply mascara on. Gently apply the powder on the top of you eye lashes with your eyes closed as demonstrated on the picture below and once done apply the mascara. Don’t worry it being visible as mascara will cover the powder completely. What’s great is that in the end, baby powder creates almost an identical effect as primer – longer, fuller lashes!


Other effective ways are applying eye liner on your eye lids and using a eyelash curler as well as slow layering – all should do the trick!

Hack 4: What To Do If Your Eye Liner Ran Out?

If you find that you ran out of eye liner and you desperately need those beautiful cat-looking eyes then simply sweep your eye liner brush  against your mascara wand!if-you-ran-out-of-eye-liner-use-mascara

More tips to come!

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